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all you need to do is ask to be in it and BAM! you're in if i know you well.
I'm gonna make it happen. I want to finish 100 themes. I know it took it on last year but once again it fell flat. I thought working with another person would help me but she needed up getting lazy which caused me to get lazy. But I think I have way to finish it this time. I have 100 Themes picked out but I also have 100 people picked out to go with the themes. I'm planning to use a random number generator to pick out the theme and character. Most of them are my characters, but like six of them are going to be fan art or a random that lets me pick who I want to draw.

I'm gonna give myself a week to do this like last time, but it will be a loose thing. I have life and other things could be on my mind compared to the theme at hand. But I'm only doing one a week. If I get it done early, I get free days so I don't have to worry about themes. I'm going to keep this loose and happy because this should be fun and for creating art.

I will have one reroll for the theme if I can't think for the first theme. I can pick between the two themes. I'm thinking the randomness about this will make it easier in a way. So I'm hoping for the best. I'm hoping to start on Saturday with the first theme because I hardly have time tomorrow. I'm gonna pick out a theme and think on it tomorrow.

The themes and peeps will be posted now! These are loose at the moment and can change.


    1.     Beauty

    2.    Rain

    3.    Cold

    4.    Solace

    5.    Scars

    6.    Scared

    7.    Brave

    8.    Cloudy

    9.    Desire

    10. Robotic

    11.  New Life

    12. Spontaneous

    13. Distractions

    14. Lookout

    15. Surprise

    16. Hatred

    17. Baby

    18. Legendary

    19. Space


    21. Love

    22.Change of Plans



    25. New






    31. Lies




    35. Mirror




    39.Don’t Move


    41. Vacancy





    46. Revival

    47. Magic

    48. Gold

    49. Mature

    50. Fail

    51.  Ouch

    52. Recovery


    54. Monster

    55. Unnoticed

    56. Stand Out

    57. Threshold

    58. Blood


    60. Preparation

    61.  Proposal

    62. Oblivious

    63. Technology

    64. Bird

    65. Naked

    66. Family


    68. Past

    69. Order

    70. Chaos

    71. Confusion

    72. Snow

    73. Power

    74. Hunt

    75. Native

    76. Fire

    77. Dragon

    78. Stone

    79. Gem

    80. Justice

    81.  Traditions

    82. Lone

    83. Rest


    85. Water




    89. Rage

    90. Light

    91.  Darkness


    93. Passion

    94. Children

    95. Nightmare

    96. Secret

    97. Smile

    98. Hero

    99. Victory

    100. (0) Complete


    1.     Sverre

    2.    Rudolph

    3.    Xiao

    4.    Alistair

    5.    Georg

    6.    Napoleon

    7.    Holden

    8.    Major

    9.    Athea

    10.  Hope

    11.  Tango

  12. Bash

    13. Alexander

    14. Joella

    15. Eleanor

    16. Silvy

    17. Tinker

    18. Otto

    19. Danny


    21. Blithe

    22. Roan

    23. Elva

    24. Ivan

    25. Whitlocke

    26. Gretta

    27. Hans

    28. Oskar

    29. Barnabus

    30. Seraphine

    31. Thileo




    35. Arianne

    36. Gary Soski

    37. Valentine Todd

    38. Blossom

    39. Pumpkin


    41. Gwendolyn


    43. Cheminee

    44. Maxwell

    45. Secret

    46. Rumple

    47. Edgar (Grumpy Bird)

    48. Cyrus and Motts

    49. Mr. Melch

    50. Cambri

    51.  Rafferty

    52. Dellmore

    53. Magnus Ivor

    54. Raz

    55. Jamus

    56. Pinnin

    57. Elli

    58. Atticus

    59. Zacharias

    60. Giselle

    61. Addison



    64. Jess


    66. Van



    69. Sonic the Hedgehog

    70. Steven Universe

    71. Off

    72. Undertale

    73.  Gubler

    74. Cornelia

    75. Dr. Charles Zane

    76. Scorch

    77. Char

    78. Lyra Todd

    79.  Vega ‘Todd’

    80. Rando

    81.  Gyro

    82. Ritzi



    85. Pikmin

    86. Mario

    87. Luigi

    88. Lumina

    89. Gull

    90. Vixen

    91. Freya

    92. Mellie

    93. Love

    94. Nook of the North

    95. Nice

    96. Commander Ix

    97. Melindie RedFang

    98. Sebastian (Cam’s)

    99. Lochmore

    100. (0)Tucker

Sorry for so much stuff!


  • Watching: Parks and Recreaction
  • Playing: Blendoku 2
  • Eating: Jelly Beans
  • Drinking: Water


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I'm the quiet girl in class who doesn't always seem to pay attention. I'm know for day dreaming and not listening when I should be but that doesn't hold me back. I take pride in my work and spend a lot of time focused on my work. Everything I do is done to the best of my abilities at the time. I may be slow with artwork sometimes but that's because I need inspiration. When I get something on my mind, it'll get worked on. Things will get left undone if I don't feel like I have the right motivation at the time and hopefully I'll come back to them later. I'm always nervous when meeting new people, even over the internet. I don't want to scare people away with the craziness that can be me but I don't wanna be someone I'm not. So I'm quiet and don't exactly know how to make friends. That's just me though.

I'm in love with any and all kinds of art. If it can be used to make art, I'm going to try it at some point. I work in 2D and 3D. I like drawing digitally and traditionally. I may not be the best at everything, but I've tried a lot and loved it. I don't sit by when it comes to art. I love making things. Most of the time on here, you'll just see my digital work. Since I'm in college now with a smart phone though, hopefully I'll make some beautiful creations I remember to put up here.

Even though I'm not a conversation starter, I can keep it going. Wanna know more about me? Just come ask! I promise I won't bite.


51. Ouch
Next Character!
20: Sprocket

From this point on, I will give myself a week from when I start a new theme!
21 Love 87 Luigi by BeckImaginative
21 Love 87 Luigi
I'm a huge fan of Game Theory! I've been a long fan of Luigi and Daisy but when I watched the Rosalina theory, I fell in love with Luigi and Peach together. I'm probably going to get a lot of hate for this, but I don't care!

Having been second all life, Luigi was happy when he finally was the first choice! To Princess Peach even! Maybe love was actually possible for even him
Prank on Hunny by BeckImaginative
Prank on Hunny

Nothing better than being married to someone who's learning to be funny now that she has a voice.

Doodles won't be bored the next few days while he finds a way to get the zip ties off ALL of his knives!


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Hey, my friend. Just wondering if you were available for a new RP between my Sylveon baby and one of your babies. :)
BeckImaginative Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2016  Student General Artist
Of course! You want one specifically?
Dee-Bunny-79 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2016
I was actually kind of hoping for Silvy. :)

And, please don't be mad, but I've been tempted to ship Silvy and Gale. I'm so weak. T-T
BeckImaginative Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2016  Student General Artist
That's okay with me.

I'd prefer it if you didn't because this man can't be pinned down to one woman
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I demands a hug at once! :U
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