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all you need to do is ask to be in it and BAM! you're in if i know you well.
I'm back at school now, guys. It's rough already and I've only been here for a week's worth of classes! I don't have a routine in place yet and I'm still stressing about getting to some of my classes on time. With that though, I'm still finding time to work on my writing. I love being able to have time to get everything in my head down on paper in one way, shape, or form.

I wanna start making more for you guys though. It's been forever since I posted anything much on here. Life is crazy busy but there's still times when I'm sitting around and being bored. I will be getting back to the 100 Theme Challenge at some point, without Maddie since we haven't been talking much. I don't think I want to keep up with the weekly posts of that right now though. I'm gonna try something new and see if I can get one drawing done a day. It'll be traditional, inked and colored and all. No promises that they'll be up every single day but I'll try my best to keep up a more regular uploading schedule. I want to be posting more stuff on here than just art for groups. I'm hoping I can get back into some Sonic art, maybe redesigning some old characters and finalizing some characters I've had in mind for a while now.

I want to get back to posting normally, but this might be a big challenge right now with just getting back into school. I'll try to get something up this evening, and depending on the day, I might be able to get a few things posted. I just want to be more creatively active here. I might make myself a list of what I have to get done this month for my groups and plan around those pictures to get some other art up here for you guys.

That's all for now, I think. If I keep sitting here thinking, I might end up writing a whole book for you guys to read now.
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United States
I'm the quiet girl in class who doesn't always seem to pay attention. I'm know for day dreaming and not listening when I should be but that doesn't hold me back. I take pride in my work and spend a lot of time focused on my work. Everything I do is done to the best of my abilities at the time. I may be slow with artwork sometimes but that's because I need inspiration. When I get something on my mind, it'll get worked on. Things will get left undone if I don't feel like I have the right motivation at the time and hopefully I'll come back to them later. I'm always nervous when meeting new people, even over the internet. I don't want to scare people away with the craziness that can be me but I don't wanna be someone I'm not. So I'm quiet and don't exactly know how to make friends. That's just me though.

I'm in love with any and all kinds of art. If it can be used to make art, I'm going to try it at some point. I work in 2D and 3D. I like drawing digitally and traditionally. I may not be the best at everything, but I've tried a lot and loved it. I don't sit by when it comes to art. I love making things. Most of the time on here, you'll just see my digital work. Since I'm in college now with a smart phone though, hopefully I'll make some beautiful creations I remember to put up here.

Even though I'm not a conversation starter, I can keep it going. Wanna know more about me? Just come ask! I promise I won't bite.

So. The name change thing. I think I got it. BeckImaginative 

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Solving the Riddle by BeckImaginative
Solving the Riddle

Joella has a temper problem.. It's something not many people know. Now where is Cambri?

Mr. Jack belongs to :icontheoutsanityshoppe:
Wrong God by BeckImaginative
Wrong God

In true carnival fashion, finding the right god is not easy for these two. Joella would spend all day yelling at Mr. Jack if she could. These two are just adorable on their quest to find their daughters.
Just wait til they get a little Scribbles to look after!

AND SIDE NOTE! Joella's gonna be TinkerBell for Halloween if she keeps being all grumpy and red angry!

Doodles belongs to :iconkitsuneaiookami:
Bobo and Mr. Jack belong to :icontheoutsanityshoppe:
Valerie's Clocktower Idea by BeckImaginative
Valerie's Clocktower Idea

Valerie: It has to be practical, first off. Nothing big and fancy. No long songs on the hour, just one ring from the bell every hour on the hour. It can't be too tall also because it'll be the focus for attacks then. Only about 35 feet tall will be perfect. We have to be smart about this.

Valerie, stop being a grump about this. The clock should bring happiness to everyone! Not everything has to be perfect!
1920s Gala Star by BeckImaginative
1920s Gala Star

Being the city girl she is, Gala would have a nice portrait taken of herself to make her look like a movie star. The grayscale really works for this one!


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Probably not.
Daedalus-Risen Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2015
Hey sis, how're you and big butt Raz? XD

Any luck on your project? I can't wait to see who's next
BeckImaginative Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2015  Student General Artist
Super busy.

I'm a little stuck. I have a lot of school work and group work to get done. Plus, I found some new video games. I'm not giving up though.
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Hugs plz? I'll stroke Sven's mane
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